Technical Silver-Plating

Electroplated coatings for technical applications

We specialise in the silver-plating of rack parts with a unit weight up to 100 kg for various branches of the electrotechnical industry, but particularly in energy transfer technology.

Technical Silver-Plating

Due to our 20 years of experience in this field we can offer safe solutions especially for special requirements, whether for the further processing of silver-plated components (e.g. brazing) or for the type of components to be silver-plated (e.g. castings or welded/scaled parts).

Whether for relatively small contact or fastening elements or massive components for high voltage technology, small or large series, for every requirement we can offer a suitable solution according to our customers’ needs.

According to the requirement profile of the silver-plating the following processes are available

• Bright Silver Coating
• Hard Silver Coating

Apart from the silver-plating of copper items, all kinds of copper alloys and stainless steel our services also include galvanic tin-coating.

Our internal quality management system (which includes deadline monitoring) as well as production by a fully-automatic Galvano machine guarantees consistent coating quality.

We can guarantee short delivery times due to being a 3-shift company.

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