Historical Development of Silberwarenfabrik Jäger GmbH

Foundation of cutlery producing company in Kalkum near Düsseldorf.

Relocation to Viersen, Lower Rhine.

The company develops into a worldwide known producer of branded stainless steel cutlery with the registered trademark RONEUSIL. Furthermore alpacca silver and silver-plated cutlery is produced in Viersen under the registered word/logo trademark “Jäger” (a kneeling hunter aiming a gun) and sold all over the world.

The trademark “Jäger” still exists today.

Specialisation in the hard gloss silver-plating of cutlery. Well-known cutlery producers in Germany and abroad have their cutlery silver-plated in Viersen.

New installation of a fully-automatic galvanising plant for the silver-plating of cutlery in mass production as well as a semi-automatic galvanising plant for small series and special parts, including table utensils.

The newly installed wastewater treatment plant operates with the latest environmental engineering. Jäger receives awards for it.

There are new prospects due to these technical upgrades: Jäger develops into a high performance silver-platerer with functional platings for technical uses e.g. in the electrical engineering industry.

Gold and tin are introduced as further electroplated coatings.

Jäger is considered to be the largest silver platerer of cutlery in Europe.

Take-over by the ZEPTER INTERNATIONAL GROUP, Switzerland/Monaco, leads to Jäger being able to deliver silver plated and gold plated cutlery and table utensils to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Jäger expands its programme to cover graphite-silver electrodeposition.

Jäger changes its operation from 2 shifts to 3 shifts.

The semi-automatic galvanising plant is completely renewed.

The company’s 90th Anniversary