The alternative to buying new

Let your favourite pieces come to life again!

Re-silvering Beispiel
Before: A
sorry sight.
After: The brilliance
is restored.

Has your silver cutlery lost its shine?

Our services

Re-silvering of:

  • Cutlery
  • Silverware of any kind

Special repair service for knives:

  • Renewal of blades
  • Resetting old blades
  • Adding a cutting edge
  • Sharpening of blades
  • Restoring knife handles

With us your silver is in the right hands!

As the largest silver-platerer of cutlery in Europe and former manufacturer of cutlery we specialise in the re-silvering of old and shabby cutlery and silver items.

Silberwaren Jäger stands for highest quality in re-silvering and creates lasting value through its superior craftsmanship and more than 90 years of experience.

Re-silvering Kanne           Re-silvering example


Is the re-silvering of
old cutlery or tableware worth it?

The re-silvering of old silver-plated or solid silver cutlery is significantly cheaper than buying new. The same applies to tableware. The idealistic value or the non-availability of a traditional design is for many people often an additional inducement to prefer re-silvering to buying new.

Old silver-plated cutlery of well-known manufacturers was mostly produced from the basic material alpacca, an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel. This core material is superbly suited to restoration and, depending on its condition, it is hardly distinguishable from new cutlery after treatment.

Our staff takes great care with all preparatory work and subsequent re-silvering.

This service, which is becoming rarer on the market every day, is still being carried out successfully by Silberwaren Jäger and has often been recommended by the Press.

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