Silver-Plating and Gold-Plating

Precious metallic surfaces of Silver and Gold

Silberwaren Jäger has been involved in cutlery since the year dot - earlier as a manufacturer of branded cutlery for decades and nowadays as a finisher of cutlery, table utensils and other accessories.

Versilberung und Vergoldung

With our silver and gold layers according to German RAL norm in various classes of quality or according to customers’ specifications we finish cutlery and table utensils for various applications, for example specialist shops, jewellers, gastronomy, airlines, sales promotions etc.

Hallmarking can be done on request.

The thickness of the precious metal plating we guarantee is continuously controlled by the most modern testing methods so that we can deliver exactly the quality that you require.

According to the quality requirements of our customers each piece of cutlery is individually polished by hand after silver-plating. After quality control packing is carried out according to the customer’s wishes.

We are considered to be the largest platerers of decorative silver-plating in Europe. Our modern plant with greater flexibility allows us to silver-plate large quantities in a short time.

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