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“Restore” Silver-plated cutlery and silverware instead of “destroying”

Is the re-silvering of old cutlery or tableware worth it?

The re-silvering of old silver-plated or solid silver cutlery is significantly cheaper than buying new. The same applies to tableware.

Old silver-plated cutlery of well-known manufacturers was mostly produced from the basic material alpacca, an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel. This core material is superbly suited to restoration and, depending on its condition, it is hardly distinguishable from new cutlery after treatment.

What happens to your old silver-plated items?

We remove the old silver layer so that scratches in the silver layer are also removed.

Then we clean and polish the basic material. At this time most traces of wear and tear can be settled. Then a hard gloss silver layer is added galvanically.

The new silver layer is then polished by hand. The result is an attractive brilliance.

We can offer an additional repair service especially for knives:

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